Stories of lord krishna in malayalam language

Stories of lord krishna in malayalam language

We will send you an email to reset your password. Our epics defined true friendship long before friendship day came into existence. The two became close friends and shared mutual respect. They parted ways after finishing their studies at the ashram. Kuchela married a woman by name susheela and started a family. However, he could not afford to even feed his family.

Kuchela was reluctant in the beginning, but he made up his mind to visit Sri Krishna unable to bear the sight of his impoverished family. Having very little provisions in the kitchen, Susheela gave Kuchela a small bag of beaten rice and asked him to gift it to Sri Krishna.

When he reached the palace, the royal gatekeepers did not allow him inside as he was dressed in rags. One guard took pity on Kuchela and told Sri Krishna about his arrival. On hearing the news, Sri Krishna rushed to the gate and welcomed Kuchela with utmost respect.

Kuchela was hesitant to offer the bag of beaten rice to the Lord as he considered it to be a small gift. Sri Krishna sensed that Kuchela had brought the bag and asked him about it.

stories of lord krishna in malayalam language

Kuchela reluctantly gave the beaten rice to the Lord who savored every grain. Kuchela was too embarrassed to ask Sri Krishna anything and left the palace empty handed. A stunned Kuchela thanked Sri Krishna and remained his ardent devotee. Order now! Email Address Password Forgot your password? New Customer?

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stories of lord krishna in malayalam language

I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Research and publish the best content. Try Business. Join Free. No tag on any scoop yet. Scooped by vbsvljn onto vbsvljn. Sree krishna kathakal in malayalam pdf. Lord Krishna is adored by children and grown-ups alike in India. Here are 10 childhood stories of Sri Krishna that children will love listening to.

Kindergarten — Krishna Childhood Stories. Page 1of 17 Lord Krishna? He is one of the. Complete stories of Lord SriKrishna retold by Sumangala. This edition of Sreekrishna Kathakal has illustrations by Artist Namboothiri.

Malayalam Title: 8?? Rig Veda with Malayalam Translation by V I get the pdf of sree krishna sahasranamamwill any one please help me to get the Krishna is a major deity in Hinduism. He is worshiped as the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu.

Krishna is central to many of the main stories of the epic. Tweet Partager. No comment yet. Sign up to comment. Your new post is loadingWhile passing through Guruvayur, he smiled at the elaborate procession and tried to pass the temple without making obeisance to the Lord.

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His movement interrupted the procession at the northwest corner. Soon, he He fell unconscious in front of the elephant procession. When he recovered, he saw the Lord in his majesty. Realizing the cause of his fall, Sankaracharya prostrated before the Lord and tried to win the His favor by chanting eight slokas in praise of Govinda, known as Govinda Ashtakam.

Manjulalthara Manjula was a virtuous and devout girl belonging to the Variyar caste. Every night, she used to bring garlands for the Lord. One day she was late and the temple was closed. She could only reach the banyan tree from where the elephant race starts during Utsavam or festival.

She felt very guilty about it. Poonthanam, a devotee of the Lord who was on his way back from the temple, saw her crying under the banyan tree. He comforted her and said she could place the garland on the stone at the foot of the banyan tree, since the Lord is everywhere.

Convinced, she kept the garland there and went home satisfied. Next morning, the Pujari removed all the garlands from the deity, but one garland remained stuck. The Devotees were puzzled but Poonthanam remembered the event of the night before. It was the garland Manjula had placed on the stone at the foot of the banyan tree. Poonthanam told the story to everyone and then the garland slipped from the deity. Devotees started chanting the name of the Lord and went to the banyan tree to offer their obeisance.

Since then, the banyan tree came to be known as Manjulalthara. There was only one priest those days. Since he had to go out in an emergency, he told his year-old son to offer the bhoga to the Lord and left.Once Arjun asked to lord Krishna hai, parth Respectful person you always appreciate the karn too much for being an enormous donator and the extreme courageous but no body I can see the massive donator like Yudhisther. Shri Krishna thinks for a moment and in subsequently he said- this time you will get your answer tomorrow.

On next day after get in the appearance of Brahman, Arjuna and Shri Krishna firstly entered in they udhisther darwar office. Yudhisther expressed the great owner to both of the Brahmans and asked hai, vipra Respected persons what can I do for you? Order Me.! King Yudhisther spokes, both of you please take your seats, the woods of chandan are going to arrange soon.

Although the time is fleeting, that is also one of the problems for the king owing to which king is in heartrending. Karan salutation both of the Brahman's in blasting manner and asked how can I serve you?

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We are hungry and we cook our food by ourselves using woods of chandan so can you arrange the wood? Afterward he took his archery and an arrow and throws that arrow into his mahal gate, which is of wood of chandan. The gate is fully shattered. Brahman took the wood and after having the food they give their blessing to the karan. Hotel and Tour Booking Services. One day, in order to get the juice of Sri Krishna Leela, a groan began to moan in pain at Bella Lord Krishna Stories.

Tourist Services Mathura. Rates starting from. Click to Call. Krishna: Dresses, Tulasi Mala and Paintings. Krishna Stories. Read more.Prologue: Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He usurped the throne from his father, Ugrasen, captured him and put him in the dungeons.

No one was happy under his rule. His subjects wanted to lead a peaceful and simple life, similar to how they lived under King Ugrasen. He also thought that once the Yadava prince marries his sister, he would be the de-facto ruler of the Yadava kingdom as well. The wedding day arrived.

The entire city of Mathura was decorated for the opulent wedding. The wedding ceremony was a grand affair. After the wedding, Kamsa drove the newly-weds to their palace in the royal chariot. Kamsa was deeply shaken by this prophecy.

In a fit of rage, he drew out his sword, and moved towards Devaki with an intention to kill her. He thought that with Devaki dead, a son could never be born to her. Hearing this, Vasudeva fell to his knees and begged mercy. He promised that he would personally hand over each child born to him and Devaki, to Kamsa. Kamsa could kill the baby and thus ensure that the prophecy never came true. But to ensure that Vasudeva kept his word, he imprisoned both Vasudeva and Devaki in the dungeons and ordered his men to keep a strict watch on them.

He would then visit the dungeons and kill the child by smashing their heads against the prison walls. By the end of eight years, Kamsa had already destroyed seven children born to Devaki and Vasudeva. In the ninth year, Devaki was expecting her eighth child.

She knew the fate of the child and was extremely worried. She had seen her brother murder seven of her children. Sleep overtook her misery as she lay in her dungeon. Kamsa, too, felt uneasy as he feared that the prophecy might come true. That night was like none other.

Heavy rain and story winds threatened to destroy everything they touched. It broke its embankments and swelled like an ocean. Exactly at midnight, Devaki gave birth to her eighth son. As soon as the child was born, the prison cell was filled with a bright light. It was as if a thousand suns had descended, at once, into that dark and dingy cell. Vasudeva was awakened by this bright light.

He saw that Devaki was in deep slumber and a little baby was lying besides her. This is your new born son. Take him to your Gokul where your friend Nand, the head of the Gopa tribe lives, and leave him in his house. Nand and Yashoda are unaware of the birth of their daughter.

Leave your son in their house and bring their daughter back to this cell.There are very few Hindus who will not have heard about Meera Bai. Many stories exist about Meera Baiand it is difficult to produce a factual account of her life, although she lives perpetually through her songs, famous throughout India.

The following is the complete biography Life History about Meera Bai. She even called him the husband of her soul.

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But she had too much love for her God and sacrificed everything, even her family, for God. Meera Bai is a Lord Krishna devotee. She was born in Rajasthan. She worships Krishna as her husband from her childhood. Meera Bai get married against her will to the crown prince of Mewar, Bhoj Raj.

She was the personality who sacrifices her life to her Krishna love. Her compositions are popular throughout India. She is held to have been a disciple of Ravidas. These bhajans are in the bhakti tradition, and most passionately praised Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna Stories

The extend version of her poems are in a Rajasthani edition of Hindi and in Gujarati language. Meera Bai was born in at Kudkia little village near Merta, Rajasthan, which is presently in Pali district. Meera Bai was born in to a Rajput royal rather family of merta, Rajasthan, India. Meera Bai was brought up strong vaishnava culture that paved her path to the devotion of Lord Krishna.

There are different stories available in her life history as no authentic records are available supporting the exact facts. He father gave it to Mira and then she made him her lifelong lover, friend, and husband.

stories of lord krishna in malayalam language

She developed religious tendencies within her. Mirabai mother was in support of her. She was not willing to marry, but her father arranged her marriage with the eldest son of Rana Sanga of ChittorPrince Bhoj Raj. This changed her social status significantly. But she was not fascinated by the luxuries.

Krishna vs Demons - Full Movie (HD) - In Malayalam - MagicBox Animations - Animated Stories For Kids

She used to sing and devote her time to Shree Krishna in evening, literally losing awareness of the existence of the physical world. People in the region started knowing her. She even used to discuss spiritual issues with those joining her in bhajans.

This made the family go furious. Her sister-in-law Udabai spread defamatory remarks and false gossip about her.

Udabai also spread that Mira allowed men in her room. Hearing that her husband did check it, but found no one. It is mentioned in few of the literature that, many attempts such as a sending basket of snakes replacing flowers, a glass of poison to execute her.

Even she was asked to drown herself.Krishna worships Shiva. Posted by Unknown at AM No comments:. It's been over five years since I've posted any story about Lord Shiva.

Even though I was inactive in blogging, I received many queries and requests to resume publishing related contents in the blog. The stories are prepared in a chronological order. In between, the stories behind the twelve Jyotirlinga temples are also explained. The book also features rare stories related to Lord Shiva which aren't mentioned anywhere on the internet. You can buy the book from amazon through the following links - Paperback - Click here. Wednesday, November 13, A comparison.

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Posted by Unknown at PM No comments:. Thursday, October 10, iskCON is wrong 2. Posted by Unknown at AM 6 comments:. Bhagavad Gita says So, keeping these points in view, rishi Ved Vyas categorized all the 18 Puranas. A We all know…………. Sattvik Guna Mode of Goodness top.

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Rajasic Guna Mode of Passion Middle. Already discussed. Since these above mentioned points are true and without any MIS-interpretation.

Sattvik Guna is already at the Top among 3,… Very near to the Nirguna. In Kaliyuga, very few people are Sattvik. Rajasic guna is Below the sattvik.

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In Kaliyuga, large number of people are Rajasik. You can yourself imagine …… what type of treatment is given by Dr. Shiva Maha Purana, Posted by Unknown at PM 3 comments:. Older Posts Home.


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