Dynoport ski doo 800

Dynoport ski doo 800

For under a hundred bucks you can clutch your sled for the new pipes. Dynoport pipes and "clutch kit". Like This Unlike dieseldak 08 Jul I am going to be getting a set of Dynoport pipes with cans off of a member one here in the VERY near future to replace my god awful looking and way to quiet stock ones.

I noticed on Dynoports site that they offer and recommend a clutch kit to go along with the pipes. I was wondering what the purpose of this was and if it was truly necessary. I am assuming it allows for or changes the RPM while pinned but sleds are still kinda new to me Any and all input is appreciated.

Like This Unlike onebad 08 Jul I can hep u out. Like This Unlike dieseldak 08 Jul I can hep u out sweeta truly great guy to deal with!. Chances are you'll end up with a set of pipes that have a 3 pack silencer. The pipes do run higher peak RPM then stock pipes so you will have to re clutch the sled to match the pipes performance. Like This Unlike dieseldak 08 Jul Yeah they are a 3 pack silencer type. I am looking for something alittle louder.

We have no trails where I am so its all lake and field riding, noise is no concern. I figured thats what the clutching was for, just have to figure what to do to it now, lol.

Like This Unlike toddy 09 Jul For under a hundred bucks you can clutch your sled for the new pipes. Like This Unlike Gearbanger 09 Jul For under a hundred bucks you can clutch your sled for the new pipes. You want to drop the pin weight from the stock 16ish grams? I figured with the higher finish rate primary spring, you'd want to increase pin weight slightly for a little added clamping force on the belt at the top end, no?

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dynoport ski doo 800

Privacy Policy.Ok, so i finally am to the point of buying a set of triples for my mach z. I just had a few questions first How bad are pipes gonna hurt my mileage? I get anywhere from with it now Is that a fair price for these pipes? Im kinda new to the whole aftermarket pipes thing, not to sure on values Just looking for everybodys. The head shim kit is "Poor man's Porting". Will net you a little more HP.

By raising the port timing with a thick gasket 0. The head will need milled down to accommodate the shim. Dynoport Triple pipes. Like This Unlike Nicklaurin 02 Sep Ok, so i finally am to the point of buying a set of triples for my mach z.

Petschke- D&D BIG MOUTH 800R Y-pipes For Ski-doo-

Bonus that they are ceramic coated. Mileage I cant tell you how much less your gonna get, But for the HP gain, and the sound which you will really like.

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Worth it!! My sled tends to burn allot of fuel,But I ride it hard. And was built for aggessive fuel consumption If your gonna get them pipes. You should get the head shim kit, and a set of V-force, or Boyesen reeds. Then your laughing!!!!. Like This Unlike Nicklaurin 02 Sep whats the head shim kit all about?? Like This Unlike toddy 02 Sep You will also have to re calibrate your clutching to run pipes.I have BMP's Y pipe and velocity can, no issue with fitment, added an extra spring to the can as insurance against movement, no spacers on the exhaust I just cut the extra length off, can has gotten quieter, can't tell any difference in performance but I only have miles on so far, Bondi box and howards clutch kit coming Dynoport vs.

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Like This Unlike ttraynor 02 Jan Hopefully this can stay respectful. I will add a Bondi box to the above mix. Ideally, it would be nice to see a track dyno comparison someday. Like This Unlike lilswert11 02 Jan I dont have much experience with the bikeman, but i can say that i had the full dynoport setup on my last sled and experienced noticeable HP gains.

Im going to be putting the same setup on my etec so ill have to wait and see how that goes. Im also leaning toward the dynoport as this past year i sat idling next to a police officer who was giving my brother a ticket for modified exhaust After that I plan on running nothing but dynoport. Like This Unlike ddg 04 Jan I also would like to know what is the hot set up! I dont ride on public land blah blah Please give us your input.

Looks like it was stock. Got the can quickly and even recieved a free upgrade to the chrome model as they didn't have any black ones in stock at the moment. Like This Unlike ddg 04 Jan awesome Should have it in a week.

Will let you know the results. Be here by Weds! Didnt feel like having washers on my sled. Besides BMP'S customer service bl0ws. Ive used Rich's pipes on every ski doo motor he makes them for and have never been dissapointed.

Dynoport, Pipe - 2014 800 E Tec

Also when Ive asked, his advice has always been spot on. Like This Unlike doorite 10 Jan I have BMP's Y pipe and velocity can, no issue with fitment, added an extra spring to the can as insurance against movement, no spacers on the exhaust I just cut the extra length off, can has gotten quieter, can't tell any difference in performance but I only have miles on so far, Bondi box and howards clutch kit comingHe also has 2 Ford GT Super cars.

But,Look how he works. First thing I noticed was the secondary helix,s hanging on the wall behind him drilled out to save weight I assume. If you have ever been next to one of Rich's sleds you'd see everything has holes drilled in it except the parts which have fallen off. Can somebody please advise where I can find the answer or watch a video on how to clean a float on my ski doo mxz renegade with out removing the carb completely?

The plugs are soaked. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. You need more than a float cleaning. No doubt you have either a bad carburetor needle and seat or a bad diaphram in the fuel pump.

I wouldn't try running this sled until you are sure the problem is corrected for fear of filling a cylinder with fuel, having the engine fire and bending a connecting rod. That being said I like that he does not over market on his stuff. Going to kick butt now. Awesome guy to talk with too! I like that about him. I have seen the red GT he has.

Also has a black stage 3 roush mustang. Like This Unlike jeff ho 31 Dec First thing I noticed was the secondary helix,s hanging on the wall behind him drilled out to save weight I assume. Nice to see someone who gives a no BS approach and backs up each change with research and testing.

There are no Dynoport parts on my sled but using the vids for better understanding on how things work. Many modifications are very minute. Theories can be applied to the backyard tuner if followed correctly. Rich should be the gold standard for accurate information. While there are a million ways to skin a cat, some are better than others. I have spent a lot of time with my girls teaching them that you need to treat people as you would like to be treated. I have no time in my life for bullies.

Larry from crankshop has forgot more than most guys he is s good guy very professional never say a bad thing about anyone. Another thing he mentioned dale and dan in his last video as being dishonest. Funny thing is if rich called either one of them guys for help they would be the first two guys there. Share Share. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.Great candid feedback from everyone who responded.

Looks like I still have some more research to do. Thanks again. I have a ski-doo rs and I think it is a little too quiet I'm a little sick of hearing only the track. Like This Unlike stinger 66 13 Feb Well this post is ironic to me since I have never modified any exhaust system on the 8 sleds I have owned.

But I am a little tired of the "electric razor" sound on my Etec. Love the sled, have miles on it. I don't care for the loud cans on the trail, I believe people should be able to make a resposible decision based upon where they ride and the unpleasant repercussions they could cause. I don't want trails closed either So, I am only looking for a can to possibly lower the tone and be trail friendly.

2017 850 etec silencer testing, Rich Daly, Dyno Port, Mtn Light, Big core & Trail

I also want it to be easy to install with a good fitment, reduce weight, and hopefully tested on some Etecs. BTW not interested in loosing performance either ha.

dynoport ski doo 800

I have been trying to research the MBRP, Dynoport and Bikeman cans; there was a lot of chatter in early fall and now I was hoping those that have been using them could give feedback. Let me know if there are other trail cans that have been in the field that I should consider as well.

They should do another sound vid so you can't hear the echos, etc. If i rode in off trail, it would be on the sled now!. Put the stock back on, and it rips hard every where. I really think this exhaust is tuned closely, so I would ask a lot of questions about performance before you buy Like This Unlike mxzxr 13 Feb just put dynoports loudest one they make on my e tec and sounds nice.

Like This Unlike 04rev 13 Feb Rich from dynoport just posed a few weeks ago about his new e tec exhaust set up- should be able to find it. If I had one that's where my money would go to. I love it It's certainly louder than stock But I love it. It was costly but worth the money. I've got a couple Vids in the Mountain Forum if you want to hear it. Like This Unlike stinger 66 14 Feb Great candid feedback from everyone who responded.My experience is that the combo is one of the best, if not thee best!

I can't really comment on the pipe by itself. I have seen good hp numbers and bj says they work, but some drag guys have said they lost e. Through the years, Dynoport singles have always been a slight plus for me. I can't speak to the Ptek, but I suspect Ski-B has tried one, I know he has tried most aftermarket exhausts on most of his latest sleds. Don't know anyone who has spent more money trying pipes I would be for PMing or emailing him. I would try it and see for my self if I were you.

For drag racing.

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I have heard drag guys say it is slower, hoping they would chime in. Seat of the pants doesnt mean better or worse e.

I tried the stock pipe, dynoport ,segmented cpi pipe on my ptekin feet the CPI hands down was the best, Also worked fantastic in the mountains, then the stocker, dynoport was the slowest.

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The dynotech report shows better hp and torque 4 hp with the DP pipe, but guess it doesn't translate to the field. I just dont get that. I have a lot of mods done to the motor, so not sure if it matters. Im still waiting for my motor to come back from SHR. But with a short season and low snow here in Pa. As I still have clutch and jet tuning to do. If you want to really give up a race It was one of the higher hp pipes at dyno tech but does not work in the field.

Not on my ported R motor anyways. I guess Im sellin the Pipe. It just looks so cool and I love the ting ting ting sound a pipe adds. Now Im gonna open up the Bondi box vs. Can of worms. Don't know if this is just assumed, but for you guys getting lower performance out of the dynoport single pipe, are you installing the stock wool and heat shield on the pipe? The DP pipe runs like "edit for bad language" without it, it really needs the heat.

I put a y-pipe and single pipe on mine and noticed a significant difference! Also, just running the single pipe on a stock setup you do not have to change jetting or clutching etc. If you notice a power loss, call Rich directly at dynoport and talk through everything you've done to your sled. He really knows his Doos and will be able to help you optimize your setup. You should never lose performance with his stuff. Just call Rich at dynoport, He is a great guy to talk to, he wont feed you a line a BS.Last season, Polaris got the jump on everyone with the introduction of their twin offered in the RMK With an 82mm bore and The cases and the crank are similar to thewith repositioned connecting rods and a longer stroke.

Both the exhaust port and RAVE valve are a full 5mm wider. The eight-petal reed cages are mounted on the cylinders, allowing low engine positioning. The looks different from the with its style head design.

The cylinder heads are a two-piece sand cast design for more precise tolerances and increased head strength. A wide squish band and hemispherical combustion chamber maintains consistent safe power with these huge pistons. Coolant flow was optimized with a symmetrical design to the heads that cool the exhaust ports first. A thermostat allows for quicker warm-up times and consistent engine temperatures. Nicasil cylinders also help to keep the temperatures in line.

Larger diameter connecting rod pins on the crank should improve rigidity and reduce vibration too. The MX Z RAVE spring is a bit stiffer, while the Summit spring is shorter which allows the valve to open easier at high altitudes where less power is produced. The very late release of the twin has kept most of us guessing as to exactly how strong the package would be.

We heard it could come with different porting, a different pipe, stronger bottom end, and possibly ignition tweaks. Dyno Port is an experienced and established Ski-Doo tuning center. Just this past Fall, Rich won two Pro Stock grass drag events, posting Dyno Port spent many hours dyno testing a MX Z a for-real production model.

The Bulky, suitcase style stock silencer does an incredible job at silencing the exhaust note of the twin, and is pretty heavy.

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It looks like Ski-Doo did their homework, as the Dyno Port lightweight silencer provided just over a one-horse gain. The main attraction here will be for those looking for a weight savings and no loss of power. The Dyno Port canister weighs about five pounds less than the stock unit, and the noise level is increased only slightly; really. The Dyno Port single pipe had provided a nice improvement on the twin, how would a similarly designed single pipe perform on the twin?

Many hours were spent on this next stage, with the result being once again a big volume single pipe and canister silencer. The net gain was 4. The Dyno Port single exhaust and silencer package provides nearly a pound weight savings over the stock pipe and silencer. This single pipe also works with the stock silencer! Rich commented that the factory Y-pipe is very efficient, as they found nothing to be gained here after several hours were spent on this area. When we analyzed the fuel consumption numbers for all of these twin runs, we questioned if they were a bit lean.

dynoport ski doo 800


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